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Is this poetry?

"it might be IS clever, but it is not a poem!" she exclaimed.
Is that true? Cant just a clever working with words be poetry? Do we still have to stay with the Romantic notion of poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions? I don't think so. But here is what i wrote anyway. Let me know what you think about it...

Unravelling Nothing

'Nothing is more real than Nothing.'
Nothing more is real than Nothing.
More Nothing is real than Nothing.
Is Nothing more real than Nothing?
Nothing real is more than Nothing.
Nothing Nothing is more than real.
Nothing than real is more Nothing.
Real Nothing is mroe than Nothing.
Nothing is more than real Nothing.
More real than Nothing is Nothing.
Nothing is real than more Nothing.
More Nothing than Nothing is Real.
Nothing is real more than Nothing.

And anybody who says nothing in a comment..oh well...join the corny club! :)
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