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So er...critique at will

A new poem after some time has passed me by. Come and read it. Everything is welcome, even a one liner that says "I read it!" :)

Things to Remember

Ask me questions
And I'll prattle:
Of Jack-
His folklore seeds thrown away,
Head soaked in stinging vinegar,

And Jill
And other Herculean tales that haunt childhoods;

Of an eerie Cassandra
With E.S.P.-
Add smoke, echoes and floating robes
For SFX,

And battles raved, waged and ravaged
Over women who boasted of a thousand ships;

Of the wonders of shapes-
Parabolas of hope
And the aerodynamics of joy,

Overlooked by stubborn
Maths books;

Of Fears-
The more tangible ones,
The ones that hit you on warm chatty evenings,
Father in his room in a russet nightgown,
Wee Willie Winkie running through the town;

Of Dates and Histories-
Nicely packaged in assortable bits
Of easy to understand wrong linearity,
Hiroshima museums of terror and
Revolts of scarlet patriotism;

Of data arranged in
Unvarying binaries, green and purple-
Scroll down programmes,
Dysfunctional functions,
No sense of humour,
Creating codes of conspiracies,
Deaths and romance.

Crowded hasty entries inscribe themselves
In a sprawling scrawl
On blank rule-lined pages-
Dog-eared with time,
Stained with disuse,
Inside the matrix of my head.

The only blank spots-
Like sheaves torn out of
Brown paper exercise books
By an errant schoolboy
Sending invisible cargoes
To obscure lands,
Are the truly unforgettable things.
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