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A poetry workshop

I am sure all of you, at one point or the other have faced the problem of nobody replying to your poetry or not receiving enough criticism to re-work a poem. As poetry communities become too large, it often happens that most posts are overlooked and poets go away to other places to start new forums.

ariascorner is a new poetry workshop on LiveJournal. It started with my feeling that any poem that is posted is posted because the poet wants a bit-by-bit review of his/her work - in short, they want their poems workshopped. And when I myself could not find any place that can serve as a workshop for poetry, I decided to start one on my own.

at ariascorner we have already issued 12 special invites for people we think are dedicated towards workshopping poetry through their own work and their critique. We have 12 more invites left to hand out. If you think you deserve an invite, comment here. If you fail to get an invite - for whatever reason, come and join us and get yourself voted.

Remember we are not here to SLAM poetry, we are here to help us all grow through interaction and communication. If you think you are a poet and you also feel that a workshop is a place to be, come...join us, at ariascorner

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