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wow, looks like this place has sort of died. if'n i had anything exciting to say, i would. this is all i've got:
Name: eak (liz)
Gender: female
Species: homosapien
Picture: ask, and i'll e-mail you one
Place of Origin: akron, oh

Favorite Fruit: orange
Favorite Smell: there's this perfume that i don't know the name of, but god...
Favorite Bubble Bath: don't do the baths, showers all the way
Favorite Three Syllable Word: onomonopia (think i spelled it wrong)

Insult of Choice: whore
Most Mortifying Moment: opened the door for the pizza guy half dressed, and all i could think of to say was, "yeah, i was in the middle of someone."
What We Should Know About You: i'm prone to change my mind
Most Impressive Accomplishment: i've won a few awards, got a few scholarships, nothing too exciting
A Piece of Work You're Proud Of: anything i've ever written that's made someone else smile

Abortion: up to third trimester
Suicide: no one wants to die, they just don't want to hurt anymore
Pre-Marital Sex: safely please, STD's aren't fun
Gay Marriages: rock on
Pornography: no animals, because that's just weird

i wrote this when i was, like, 15. maybe 16. oh well. comment.
i thought this was strong
like iron, unbreakable-
like blood mixed with tears
and cold metal.
like the world could end right now,
but we'd still be standing.
maybe it was never meant to be-
let's wait for rain
and maybe it will rust,
turn ugly,
fall apart.
or we could melt it down ourselves,
like we've been doing
for 21 months and counting...
and it'd still be there,
broken and disformed-
like crying;
like angel tears
stuck, locked and lost in time,
never to be washed away-
never to be completely forgotten,
but never to be what it once was...
yet it'll always be there,
a broken form of its former self,
like i will be...
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