♪ im her g ir I (gg_unit) wrote in orangesex,
♪ im her g ir I

Name: stephanie.
Gender: 18 years of age.
Species: still investigating. many theories.
Picture: not too fond of them.
Place of Origin: the radiant u.s.a

Favorite Fruit: the enemy!
Favorite Smell: something refreshing.
Favorite Bubble Bath: with bubbles, of course.
Favorite Three Syllable Word: practical

Insult of Choice: "your worlds have no significant meaning. become mute!
Most Mortifying Moment: thoughts of deception from those i trust.
What We Should Know About You: my perfections portray a false portrait.
Most Impressive Accomplishment: living on my own, at the age of 18 with unhelpful and ungrateful pair of parents.
A Piece of Work You're Proud Of:..

"We’re told to dream
It makes reality easier.
We’re told to be realistic
Dreams never come true.

We’re told to dream
It makes life somewhat brighter.
We’re told stop being foolish
Who says life is perfect.

We’re told to dream
Because love exist there.
We’re told its an illusion
Love really doesn’t work.

We’re told to dream
Maybe we’ll make it somewhere.
We’re told its impossible
Dreams can’t take you anywhere.

We’re told to dream
It may be our only escape.
We’re told those shackles
Can never be removed.

Dreaming is always
Seeing way up far..
You’ll always shine
Like the stars above."

Abortion: i am very much against it, however, they are my views. i suppose people have their "reasons" for abortions.

Suicide: it is a cop out. it is an extremely sad and easy way out of life. we all have problems, that does not give anyone the right to play god on their own life.

Pre-Marital Sex: if you are of mature age, (understanding sex and the responsibilities of it) and your being safe by preventing std's and unwanted pregnancies - enjoy it. it is a personal decision, no one else should have a say so in it.

Gay Marriages: GET OVER IT! i'll be damned if somone, anyone, can speak out on the level of love that can be shared between ANY two people.

Pornography: personally, i have no need for it but who am i to care? no one! that is right. as long as the people that are viewed are of legal age, then more power to you.

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