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Orange Sex
We are not whores, we are not sluts. We are not pre-occupied with stereotypes, we are not distracted by shallow concepts of misspent youth. We are observant, bright, and carefully thought out. We are creative and abstract in our out-look on forever; we are poetic and beautiful and human. We are sin, we are holy, and we now come together to in a spectrum of brilliant color and speech. We are today, we are tomorrow, We were a million years ago. We are and forever will be, Orange Sex.

Orange Sex is many things at this point. It's a place for writers to share work, artists to share images, and anyone to discuss life. Anything goes. Kind of.

1. We don't want to see your naked ass. We don't want to see porn, we don't want links to it, stay away evil beasts. Artistic nudity is fine by me though. If a picture is tasteful and it offends you, tough luck. We're adults here. Don't join and then whine when we treat you like a mature human-being.
2. Not everyone is going to be nice all the time. But don't totally thrash on someone's work. I'll kick you out if you're just constantly rude and trying to break people down. You get no warning. Ahhh, the power...
3. Be intelligent. Seriously people. Talk about anything you want - anything from sex to lip gloss to politics to foreign breeds of goat - I don't care. But 'u', my friends, is not a word. Neither is 'b', '2', or 'l8tr'. If you can't spell, don't apply. That sounds so mean, but I have no patience for it.

The Application
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Favorite Bubble Bath:
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